CEM Work-based Validation Programme



Certified Events Manager (CEM) Work-Based Validation Programme

What you need to do submit for the validation:

You will need to select one or two past events that you have managed as the Event Manager/Project Leader or where you have played a key prominent role in the execution of the event. Then choose the relevant documents that was used in that event to show proofs of your understanding and qualification as Events Manager based on the following areas:

1)The event concept or business plan for the selected event(s). Key points that we search for includes:

  • Purpose (objectives) and your key strategies to achieve these objectives
  • Your target  attendees, profile and why
  •  Your theme/ event design concept (what is so unique about it)
  • Feasibility studies if applicable
  • Critical success factors (CSFs) and how you plan to measure them to know that your event is successful

2)Event project plan (EPP) that includes:

  •  scoping and  action plan with timeline
  • budget – showing breakeven and/or returns on investment  and/or other relevant financial ratios
  • Potential problem analysis (3 problems) and how you manage these

3)Operations checklist for your pre- and on-site management

4)Events evaluation summary and/or clients testimonials

5) your project by submitting at least one or two communication/marketing collaterals and a video recording of the event (e.g. the launch of the event or opening ceremony).

In the event of past records of past events that are not complete, you can propose what documents that you have in record to submit to us for validation. We will review and let you know if the records are sufficient. We reserves the right to assign a coach to observe your future events or to request for new documents for future events if the old records are not sufficient for validation


What happens after submission:

After submission of all the documents, we will arrange for the Coach to have an interview session with you to review the documents, for any clarification and understanding of your background and experience as Events Manager.
In some cases, you may be required to present your project paper or to answer to certain questions or clarifications required on the paper submitted in order for us to evaluate and qualify you for the certification. If required, we may ask for your client’s feedback on the event that you have submitted. You will be advised accordingly once we receive and review your project paper if this is required.

Criteria for Assessment

  • Timely completion of the project asssignments (tasks/documents)
  • How comprehensive, practical, relevant and realistic is your plan, reports, documentations etc
  • How well is the event managed on-site (from video and evaluation summary and client’s testimonials)

Kindly complete FORM CEM WBV (1) together with all your records and documents required with the fees required for validation.

Once we receive all documents and payment, we will proceed with the validation and you will receive the results within 14 days after the Coach interview (pending how complete your documents are and if extra documents are required). Once the validation is successfull, you will complete the IPMA certification and membership application form and submit together with a bank draft of U.K. £ 80 payable to International Professional Managers Association in order to obtain the IPMA certificate as “Certified Events Manager”.

For any clarification on the above assignment, please contact your assigned coach or email support@eventsmastery.com. Thank you.



What The Particpants Say...

I’ m really satisfied with the event management programme. The speakers are very knowledgable with the respective modules.
Jaya Kumaran – Motorola University

I would recommend this workshop to those who are passionate about event management. It’s very interesting, fun and full of activities. You’ll love it.
Hazline Abd Alim – MDeC

Just when you think you know all there is to know on being good events managers, here comes an insightful hands-on eye-opener workshop. This is a must attend programme, even for the best in the industry.
Siobhan Anne Netto – Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Good fun learning! Definitely good for people to get an overall idea of running events.
Siham Ismail – Islamic Financial Services Board

Thank you to Event Mastery as well as the sponsors for holding such an excellent and brilliant workshop. Learned a lot from this fun and exciting workshop, including the tools and strategies to implement in running an event. The training and brainstorming sessions by the speakers are beneficial, I gained lots of information and knowledge. Looking forward to such workshops in future.

Chong Ye Ching @ Alex – Crest Megaway



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