Dear Event Managers & Aspiring Event Managers

Now, you can gain a working professional certification in Events Management with the “Certified Events Manager” programme, which is certified by International Professional Managers Associaton, IPMA, UK.

This means you do not need to go back to the tertiary school to obtain your certificate! So if you are planning for a professional career in Events Management, this is the stepping stone for you.

And for those who have some working experience in managing events, this is a good opportunity for you to learn a process-based approach to managing events and be recognised for your profession as Events Manager.

Those with more than 3 years of working experience in leading position/ Project/Events Leader - you can opt to go for the fast-route option to gain exemptions for the certification, ie the CEM Work-Based Validation Programme. Click here for more info.

Enrol now and take advantage of the newly launched programme fees. If you have subordinates or other colleagues who may be interested, let them know or send them to enrol for this programme.

We look forward to your participation in this programme.

Shum FP, Programme Director



  1. Learn and understand the Events Management Process and all elements of the process that makes the events successful (refer to the learning objectives of the 2-day HTMCES workshop)
  2. Practise what you have learned with real events and be coached at the same time
  3. Demonstrate your understanding and your ability to manage an event when you present your project paper and manage a live event for our evaluation.



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