How To Manage Corporate Events Successfully



How To Manage Corporate Events Successfully -

Over 200 companies have send their event professionals to attend this workshop. Since 2002, we have almost 300 participants. They walked away with a proven system and templates to help make their job easier as Event Managers. You too can learn EventsMastery's process-based approach to events management. Attend this introductory workshop on events management today. Take advantage of the early bird deadlines.




NOW AVAILABLE IN ASIA- A practical & interactive workshop For Event Professionals to learn & enhance their skills and knowledge in Events Management within a “Dynamic Learning Environment” that comes with simulated mock-up sessions which you need to implement. Be COACHED and get feedback ON THE SPOT!


Make your Events Management job a lot EASIER with EventsMastery’s process-based approach to managing your events and you can also walk away with our proven event management system that includes over 30 templates to get you started!


9 Reasons To Attend

  1. 1st-hand learning from experienced practitioners
  2. Access to proven system and existing templates for QUICK START!
  3. You get to do what you learn during workshop and get immediate review and feedback for more effective learning
  4. Find out new tecnologies and trends to help make your job easier
  5. Learn not just from us but from our guest speakers who are experts in their respective field
  6. Opportunity to do live events job experience
  7. Opportunity to upgrade to be a “Certified Event Managers” - a UK-based working professional manager certification for event managers
  8. Get connected with others in the industry
  9. Access to our resources and coaches so you can call for advice during actual live events


Key Learning Objectives


  1. Understand the entire events management process and resources required
  2. Understand what makes a successful event, getting started and what are the key elements that pull it together
  3. Learn how to strategise your events and manage your budget & ROI
  4. Learn how to identify, manage and control potential problems to ensure a successful event
  5. Learn how you can promote and market your events successfully with use of new trends and technologies
  6. Learn how to work with 3rd parties including sponsors, strategic alliances, partners and suppliers
  7. Learn how to apply critical and creative thinking skills, leadership, team-building to your events
  8. Learn a process-based approach to events management with proven system and templates provided
  9. On-the-spot practice with live simulated exercises and be coached and evaluated immediately


Message from Founder

Dear Colleagues

Events Management is sometimes considered as an Art as those with passion for Events are often the best in producing world-class unforgetable events. However we believe in the SCIENCE of Events Management especially for Corporate Events as we take a more process-based approach to events management, learning from the techniques of project management and from our own years of experience as Event Managers.


What The Particpants Say...

I’ m really satisfied with the event management programme. The speakers are very knowledgable with the respective modules.
Jaya Kumaran – Motorola University

I would recommend this workshop to those who are passionate about event management. It’s very interesting, fun and full of activities. You’ll love it.
Hazline Abd Alim – MDeC

Just when you think you know all there is to know on being good events managers, here comes an insightful hands-on eye-opener workshop. This is a must attend programme, even for the best in the industry.
Siobhan Anne Netto – Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Good fun learning! Definitely good for people to get an overall idea of running events.
Siham Ismail – Islamic Financial Services Board

Thank you to Event Mastery as well as the sponsors for holding such an excellent and brilliant workshop. Learned a lot from this fun and exciting workshop, including the tools and strategies to implement in running an event. The training and brainstorming sessions by the speakers are beneficial, I gained lots of information and knowledge. Looking forward to such workshops in future.

Chong Ye Ching @ Alex – Crest Megaway



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