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Tuesday 13 April 2010, The STARSPECIAL

Become a certified events manager



EVENT Managers can now upgrade themselves professionally and be recognised as a "Certified Events Manager" under a new programme provided by EventsMastery in collaboration with the International Professional Managers Association, IPMA, Britain.

Many people are often asked to organise events at work but they were never taught how to do it properly. Thus it would help to have a more systematic approach to simplify and coordinate the job of an event manager for better performance and results. EventsMastery has designed a programme for this purpose.

IPMA is an international examining, licensing and regulatory memebrship qualifying professional body formed for the purpose of providing practising managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improviing managerial performance and effectiveness.

Participants, regardless of their working experience, or whther they are new to event mangement are required to attend a two-day introductory workshop on "How To Manage Corporate Events Successfully" which covers the big picture of event managemnet and the overall key elements of the event management process, in a more systematic way.

Participants are required to practise by carrying out simulations of events where they will be coached on the spot. This workshop has been running since 2002 and this May will be its sixth intake.

"Events management is not just about learning theories. This is what we want event managers to experience duing out training. We want to provide them with a systematic approach to event management, especially for those new to events." says EventsMastery founder and project director, Shum F.P.

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Tuesday 9 June 2009, The STARSPECIAL

How you can manage effective corporate events even in this economic downturn
In times of economics turbulences, we tend to be very careful with our expenses and one of the cost areas that companies tend to reduce is events. We want to search for alternative ways to increase sales while reducing expenses but should we cut down the number of events that we want to organise? It is not necessarily so if we can plan for the event strategically and manage it well.

Using events to market and promote products and services can still be an effective marketing tool if you learn how to manage it better. Strategise how events can help meet your business objectives; plan in advance your budget and control your costings; have a systematic process that can reduce wastage of effort or time, avoid duplication of work and that helps you focus on the business objectives. Have a risk and control system and performance management system in place and plan for contingencies. Explore how you can apply new media or tools in the market for more effective target market reach without increasing your budget.

EventsMastery have been organising this 2-day workshop on “How To Manage Corporate Events Successfully” since 2003 and this coming August will be our 4th intake. We have over 80 corporations who have taken part in this workshop. This is a highly interactive and particpative workshop and participants walk away with a systematic approach to events management.


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