Overview of the structure:
Phase 1 – Training
- 2-day face-to-face practical and interactive workshop
(How to Manage Corporate Events Successfully)
Phase 2 – Coaching
- 3 post-workshop clinics & coaching
Phase 3 – Practical & Assignments
-1 main project submission
-1 event audit assessment (where we audit your live event)


2-day workshop on How To Manage
Corporate Events Successfully (HTMCES)

This is a dynamic & practical 2-day workshop that will take you through the entire events management process. At the end of the workshop, participants are required to do a simulated mock-up sessions of an event proper and they will be coached & evaluated on the spot.

Phase 2 & 3 - Coaching, Practical & Assignments

The clinic/coaching will be based on actual work that you will be doing back in your company and the project assignment and events audit will be based on real-life events happening in your company either internal or for your clients. In the event that you are not able to do so, we can arrange for you to be involved in organizing and managing an actual event for our company as part of your practical and for you to complete your assignments.


What You Will Get:

  1. The programme includes attendance to the 2-day workshop and 3 post-workshop clinics/coaching, online coach, project paper assessment and live event audit.
  2. Materials, lunch and refreshments are provided for the 2-day workshop but no lunch will be provided for the clinics.
  3. EventsMastery’s Certificate of Completion will be provided but the fees do not include the 1-year membership and IPMA,UK assessment fee (which is optional)
  4. Access to online portal, resources and community of Event Managers.


Call +603-2204052 or email:  marketing@eventsmastery.com