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Dear Colleagues

Events Management is sometimes considered as an Art as those with passion for Events are often the best in producing world-class unforgetable events. However we believe in the SCIENCE of Events Management especially for Corporate Events as we take a more process-based approach to events management, learning from the techniques of project management and from our own years of experience as Event Managers.

Events will always be around and even in times of economics turbulences, using events to market and to promote products and services can still be an effective marketing tool if you learn to manage it well. So strategise how events can help meet your business objectives. Plan your event’s budget in advance; manage your costings; have a systematic process that can reduce wastage of effort or time, and avoid duplication of work. Focus on the business objectives. Manage risk, performance and plan for contingencies. Learn new trends and technologies to make your job easier. REMEMBER events management need NOT be a stressful affair.

This workshop can help to make Event Managers’ job easier and more FUN! We have been organising this 2-day workshop since 2002 and we are proud to also announce that this workshop is now certified by International Professional Managers Associaton, IPMA, UK as part of the “Certified Event Manager” programme. This 2-day workshop is based on our research after we realize the need for such training. When we were at school, we were not taught how to organize and manage events and yet, when we join the corporate world, we are often asked to organize events, whether on small or large scale and most of the time, without proper guidance and training. Most of us developed our skills from those days when we were involved in our school extra-curricular activities. Not many of us now can afford the time and money to go back to tertiary schools to get a proper education in events mangement.

So this is an opportunity to officially learn and improve your organizational skills in managing company or client’s corporate eventst. Get 1st hand learning from practitioners who have been doing it for years! Events Management is not just about learning theories...this practical, non-academic workshop is for working professionals looking for the real “stuff”. This workshop is great for those new to events or considering a career in events management. For those with some experience, you can learn a more process-based approach to managing your events. A good place to network, share and learn from others in the industry too.

If you have subordinates or other colleagues who may have to organize corporate events, let them know or send them to attend this workshop NOW. Take advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIALS.

See you at the workshop.

Shum FP, Project Director

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What The Particpants Say...

I’ m really satisfied with the event management programme. The speakers are very knowledgable with the respective modules.
Jaya Kumaran – Motorola University

I would recommend this workshop to those who are passionate about event management. It’s very interesting, fun and full of activities. You’ll love it.
Hazline Abd Alim – MDeC

Just when you think you know all there is to know on being good events managers, here comes an insightful hands-on eye-opener workshop. This is a must attend programme, even for the best in the industry.
Siobhan Anne Netto – Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Good fun learning! Definitely good for people to get an overall idea of running events.
Siham Ismail – Islamic Financial Services Board

Thank you to Event Mastery as well as the sponsors for holding such an excellent and brilliant workshop. Learned a lot from this fun and exciting workshop, including the tools and strategies to implement in running an event. The training and brainstorming sessions by the speakers are beneficial, I gained lots of information and knowledge. Looking forward to such workshops in future.

Chong Ye Ching @ Alex – Crest Megaway



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EventsMastery Email: marketing@eventsmastery.com